Butterfly Koi image

The Butterfly Koi

A future novel, Syndicate Helios Cycle 1

Magic is here, hidden reservoirs of power ready store your data and keep your cell phone charged... endlessly. But, like most consumer goods in our modern capitalist hellscape, availability doesn't mean equal access.
When the U.S. outlaws magic as witchcraft, magitech engineer Cameron Green follows his diplomat sister to Tokyo, where the industry is still buzzing. There he meets mining heiress Fujiwara Eika, who is determined to rectify the damage done by her family’s megacorp: fix the environment, solve magical access inequities, and debut a product that will revolutionize the field. That this innovation is based on the street drug L barely merits a technical footnote.
In a market worth trillions of yen, business leaders, politicians, members of the media, and the yakuza all have their own ideas of what the future should be. 

The Butterfly Koi is a modern fantasy novel, the first in the Syndicate Helios Cycle, exploring how swimming upstream can make a difference or spark a tragedy. 

"You can’t research the practical application of magic to human biology when at least sixty-one senators think it’s witchcraft."

- Cameron Green