Butterfly Koi image

The Butterfly Koi

A future novel, Syndicate Helios Cycle 1

By the end of this novel, someone in Tokyo will be dead and capitalism will have killed them. But since the disembodied market forces of Japan’s scorching hot magitech industry don’t have opposable thumbs, who will have caused it and who will take the fall?

One night in a rotating restaurant high above the bustling district of Nishi-Shinjuku, six people are brought together at an ill-fated birthday party that will set the stage for the tragedy to come. The reluctant party guests:

Eika Fujiwara, heiress to the Fujiwara Heavy Industries mining empire and the smiling face of Diet Breakfast Water: She’s willing to do whatever it takes to repair the magical damage caused by her family company’s ecological misdeeds.

Misora Toyama, one of Eika’s best friends: Blessed by nepotism but driven to prove herself, she is a brilliant magitech researcher who just might be able to engineer the solution Eika is seeking.

Hatsumi Date, Eika and Misora’s childhood friend: A journalist on the politics beat with anger issues and a tumultuous past, she’s been spending too much free time investigating the Tokyo underworld.

Taehyun Park, Misora’s boyfriend: The rags-to-riches star of the breakout Korean drama hit Flower Boy Ramen Chef is balancing life in two cultures while the target of mysterious blackmail.

Cameron Green, Misora’s new hire: A magitech engineer forced to relocate abroad after the US bans magic, he finds himself suddenly immersed in the cutthroat Tokyo business world.

And Kenji Asagawa, Cam’s upstairs neighbor: Acerbic and prone to hijinks when bored, his curiosity is piqued by possible treachery in his organization, a criminal group so shady even most yakuza won’t say its name aloud.

Swimming against the current and swept together by circumstance, these six strange bedfellows have everything to lose.

"You can’t research the practical application of magic to human biology when at least sixty-one senators think it’s witchcraft."

- Cameron Green