Butterfly Koi image

The Butterfly Koi

Syphon Continuity vol. 1

Magic is here, ready to store your data and keep your cell phone charged... endlessly. But what the packaging won’t say is magic doesn’t work for everyone.

Eika Fujiwara, heiress to the Fujiwara Heavy Industries mining empire and face of Diet Breakfast Water, is determined to repair the magical damage caused by her family’s ecological misdeeds. Together with her best friend, the brilliant engineer Misora Toyama, she’s paving the way for the next generation of magitech, this time available to all.

The two will find their progress helped and hindered by a diverse crew: an American magitech engineer forced to relocate after the US bans magic; a journalist wrestling with both her temper and the tangled web of the Tokyo underworld; a charismatic Korean actor who might be working for the competition; and an acerbic and magically-limited criminal more interested in unearthing valuable information than help from idealistic Eika.

When development hits a roadblock, the pressure is on to use any tool, legal or not, to continue. What trade-offs are they willing to make for an invention that might change magic forever?

"You can’t research the practical application of magic to human biology when at least sixty-one senators think it’s witchcraft."

- Cameron Green